Route 150

In its entire extension, the National route 150 has a length of about 389,500 km and 303,850km of them belong to San Juan.

Valle de Los Patos, San Juan

Los Patos Valley, San Juan

It is formed by Los Patos River. It is very important because from this point, different roads and paths lead to Chile.

Melchor River. In the center of the fold of goats in summer.

The transhumant shepherding of the shepherds has been carried out for centuries in a geographic space with special characteristics: longitudinal valleys of the high Andean region.

Río Melchor
Entrañas de Jáchal, San Juan

The essence of Jachal, San Juan

The fertility of its valleys turn Jachal into an excellent region for agricultural production.

The essence of Jáchal, San Juan

Grove River. Land of metals. In Native language, these are two possible meanings for Jachal, name of the third department in the surface of San Juan.

Entrañas de Jáchal, San Juan
Jáchal en altura, San Juan

Jáchal in hight, San Juan

From the air it can be appreciated the nature that surrounds our province and we know how to find the exact moment to capture that immensity.

Route 150, San Juan

It is a strategic work because of its location and the access to national and international routes. This scenario offers many benefits for the region.

Ruta 150, San Juan
Bajada hacia el Río Rocín, Chile

Slope Rocío River, Chile

Today it is known as the El Aleton. It is dark, really boxed and rocky. Its slopes are raised and interrupted by landslides.

Biosphere Reserve of San Guillermo, San Juan

It has almost one million hectares and it is one of the most protected areas of Argentina Republic.

Reserva de la biósfera San Guillermo, San Juan

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