Perito Moreno Glacier, Santa Cruz

The wide variety of ecosystems and natural areas of this region, adapts perfectly to the different disciplines that form Adventure Tourism.

Glaciar Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz

Perito Moreno Glacier, Santa Cruz

The production was mounted on this thick ice mass located in Argentino Lake, San Cruz province.

Arista Mazeno, Nanga Parbat, Pakistán

It is the longest route ever to climb any of the fourteen eight thousand meters mountains in the planet. You have to ascend in this road until the eight peaks of more than 6,500 meters.

Vías de tren
Cerro Catedral, Río Negro

Cerro Catedral, Río Negro

Located in Bariloche, it is the biggest center of ski of South America and the South Hemisphere.

Kayak in Río San Juan, Ullum, San Juan

This sport is practiced in a landscape that combines the vertigo of its rivers with the hills that surround it.

Kayak en Río San Juan, Ullum, San Juan
Rafting en Calingasta, San Juan

Rafting in Calingasta, San Juan

The Canyon of Los Patos River offers an incomparable landscape to practice this adventure activity. The warm water, the sun of San Juan and the duck sighting of the torrent complete the experience of sport and adrenalin.

Windsurf in Cuesta del Viento Dam, San Juan

The winds blow to more than 110 km/h and are originated thanks to a kind of funnel that is formed just where the air current enter into the valley, which makes the perfect place for this sport.

Windsurf en Dique Cuesta del Viento, San Juan
Triatlón en Dique de Ullum, San Juan

Triathlon in Ullum Dam, San Juan

This competition that is recognized worldwide, is carried out annually and includes swimming, cycling and running.

Climbing in Bariloche, Río Negro

It is a challenge to overcome the difficulties that the walls show to reach the peak or to watch from the top the panoramic landscapes of Bariloche.

Escalada en Bariloche, Río Negro
Motocross en las montañas de Ullum

Motocross in the mountains of Ullum

Pilots from all over the world are called and motocross and enduro competitions are carried out periodically, which makes the mountains of this place roar.

Mountain bike in Iglesia, San Juan

Alone or in groups, it is one of the most popular sports among the people from San Juan. This is because the province offers us a wide variety of landscapes that leave unique experiences in this adventure.

Mountain bike en Iglesia, San Juan
Dique Caracoles, San Juan

Dakar circuit in Mogna, San Juan

Generally, San Juan´s scenarios are chosen for this career of international prestige.

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