Soldador in Casposo, San Juan.

The mine that is in charge of Troy Resources Limited Company, is located in Caligasta at an average altitude of 2400 masl.

Los Caracoles, San Juan

Hydroelectric Plant of Los Caracoles, San Juan.

Located in the limit of Ullum and Zonda, it has a triple function of generating energy, gather water for irrigation in a seasonal river and contribute a new touristic resource to the province.

Railroads tracks construction.

Nowadays, the train moves around to more than 400km, in order to join Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires. It has 12 stops in the different parts of the inland of Buenos Aires.

Vías de tren
Personal en obra

Working staff.

It is of Paramount importance the safety of the construction employees and that each company demands its staff the proper use of these elements.

Pascualama, San Juan.

Pascualama is the first mining binational Project in the world and consists in developing the mine that it shared by Chile and Argentina.

Pascualama, San Juan
Dique Punta Negra

Paredón Punta Negra, San Juan.

It is located on the permanent course of San Juan river, in the limit of Ullum and Zonda.

Bicentenario Theatre, San Juan.

It was opened on October, 21st, 2016 after 4 years of construction. Together with Colon Theatre and Teatro Argentino of La Plata, they constitute the most important theatres of the country.

Teatro del Bicentenario
Dique Caracoles, San Juan

Detour Canal Caracoles, San Juan.

The hydroelectric plant produces an increase in the cultivated area of about 12,500 hectares and it generates more security as regards the water reserve of the 110,000 hectares that are currently available for irrigation.

Veladero Campsite , San Juan

It is located in Iglesia, 370 kilometers from the city of San Juan and it is 4000 meters high in the Andes Mountain.

Veladero, San Juan

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